The JJ Shiplett Record Club.

This is it. This is the spot.

The songs I’m working on, music from my studio, ideas I’m dreaming up and half-baked stoner-isms that I could have just slept on. Today a quick note, tomorrow a song, another day tour info/show announcements.

Whatever it is, it will come right from me - to you.

A Different Kind Of (connection).

My how quickly things change eh? I’ve been doing this singing-songwriter thing for a while now. At best of times, there’s nothing quite like it (like performing at Massey Hall) and at worst, well let’s not even go there (it’s a confusing world of streams, likes and clicks).

That leads us to The Record Club. My little corner of the ever evolving world wide web.

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It.

This a dedicated spot for a community surrounding my art. By joining, you gain early access to the music I create, a look ahead behind the scenes, and so much more.

57 Channels And Nothings On

This channel allows for me to share and communicate in a way that is best suited to my strengths and bypasses the standard algorithms…blah blah blah.

The plan is to grow this little community song by song - to let the music be the focus and do the heavy lifting. Eventually it will evolve into something we could have never expected. But we’ll always be the OG members.

Thanks for listening to this red head sing his little heart out and following along on the journey. Now let’s get to work.


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Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Leafs Fan.


singer, songwriter, producer and leafs fan.